What Cricut Facebook groups should I join?


There are a ton of Cricut Facebook groups.

One of the most useful Cricut Facebook groups I’ve found is Cricut Design Space. The mods are swift to turn off commenting or shut down posts that violate their rules, but the most useful part of this Facebook group are all the files users have uploaded. The mods are also Pro-Cricut and seem to shut off commenting on posts that criticize Cricut. Most of the time, when I find a free image on Google that I want to clean up, someone on that Facebook group has already uploaded the clean version of it. All you have to do is join up, click on Files to browse or search the group for file names. I suggest searching for Zentangle for several intricate animals images. Then, download the files you like, upload them into Design Space, and get crafting!

Files on FB group

There are two much smaller groups with super friendly and helpful modsРthe mods are usually the first ones to respond to any new posts. The mods also add files for Design Space and will even make files if group members request them. These are Cricut Bows and Headbands and Cricut Jewelry

Cricut Bows and Headbands is all about making bows and headbands and most people are posting items made from glitter canvas and faux leather. They have some amazing creations there, and I want to make ALL. THE. BOWS. I don’t even know anyone who wears bows!

Header Cricut Bows and Headbands


Cricut Jewelry is super small, and I’m still looking for inspiration. I haven’t found anything that I need to make yet, but I’m hopeful. Every day, the posts get better and better.

Cricut Jewelry


And as a bonus, if you buy acrylic blanks (used to create key chains) from 3rd Degree Laser, they have a Facebook group that has some files to help you make precision cuts on your Cricut! They don’t have all their shapes on their Facebook page, so be careful if you’re relying on that when you make an order.